Blush Master!

Posted on 24 March 2012   Fashion

Blush Master

By Nicole Lundy


Having problems in choosing the right cheek makeup? If so, you are not alone.  So, here are recommendations for picking the blush for you.

There are two basic types of blush: powder and cream. A powder blush is easiest to apply and easiest to blot off with a tissue. Cream blushes contain oils that are good for dry skin.

Blush should not be judged by its appearance. Cosmetics and face blushes are found in different shades and textures. The three basic shades are pink (for cool undertones), peach (for warm) or a soft shade of brown (either warm or cool). The following test will help you find the right blush type and tone for your skin.

First, test the blush powder on the inside of the forearm in order to see its true shading on your skin tone. The right color will naturally blend; on the other hand, the wrong color will stand out. After finding out the tone that matches your skin, selecting the right intensity of color is next.

The color of the hair and the shade of the eyes should be taken into consideration while searching for the right intensity of color. For fair skin, pick one that is more translucent. Yet, for stronger coloring and darker features, like olive or dark skin, a greater depth of color intensity is needed. Sticking to what’s natural to one’s coloring, a blush will bring out her beauty.

Age is another factor in choosing the right blush. As one gets older, the skin needs moisture to retain its natural oils. Cream blush has a higher level of moisture built into its product and will help prevent a look that’s washed out. For mature women, a rich creamy blush is the perfect solution to prevent anti-aging. When applied lightly, a cream blush will make natural beauty glow.

Some people avoid using blush but it can be your beauty secret weapon. But now that the problem with the right cheek makeup is already solved, no need to avoid using blush.

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